Jun 20, 2011

The Apiarist part two, Vida

This is a companion my bee flag book. I had a pile of bees after finishing the first piece which inspired this book. I chose muted colors, I knew that once finished bright colors would make the piece garish and would distract from the intricate details. I think the colors I chose give it a sun washed feeling. One of the orange tones is carried through from the bee book.
The cover closes with a strap that isn't attached. I couldn't figure out how I wanted the buckle to sit and I didn't like the idea of gluing the ribbon.
The flags in this book have a variety of flowers and leaves on them. I wanted to create the idea of a field of flowers or a garden. There are bees tucked in among the flowers.
Like the last book, this one has a single word in it, again I spent a lot of time thinking of just the right word. Vida seemed most appropriate, it felt more elegant than simply life.

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