May 31, 2011

altered book, step one

Step one in my altered book process, well aside from picking the book and deciding on content; cutting templates.

May 27, 2011

The Apiarist part one, Nectar

My intention for this book was for it to be reminiscent of a honey frame from a beehive. The colors were chosen with honey in mind and inspired by the patterned paper on the cover.
There is a single word hidden within the tabs, nectar. I started the piece knowing that I wanted to put a word in but I had to think a lot about what word to use. Nectar was just perfect.
It was difficult to photograph this in a way that accurately showed the color and shadows, in good light the shadows cast by the cutouts on the flags give the book remarkable depth.
The structure is a flag book, it closes with a metal button and unwaxed linen thread. Closed it measures 7"x3.5", open it measures about 7"x13".

May 25, 2011

papered ants

Ants, cut from paper and glued together.
I stored them in wax paper to protect them, but really enjoyed the way they looked under the wax.